Is Wikileaks more important than their namesake?

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Just saw this deranged smear by Wikpedia co-found Larry Sanger speaking of Wikileaks: "Speaking as Wikipedia's co-founder, I consider you enemies of the U.S.--not just the government, but the people."

I wonder if the Wikimedia Foundation is aware of and condones such overtly pro-U.S. political statements on their behalf by Sanger, and if they now consider that the official position of the foundation.

What I actually find more interesting -- other than that someone in such a position would publicly say something that deranged and authoritarian and decidedly anti-American on behalf of an entire apolitical organization dedicated to the free flow of information -- is that in the grand scheme, hasn't Wikileaks already had a bigger impact on the world the couple of years they've been around than Wikipedia has or will ever have?

Sure, it's nice to have access to such a massive encyclopedia online for free, but isn't that just a great open source product? Does that even belong in the same conversation as the earthquakes Wikileaks has generated just in the past year alone? I think the answer, despite Wikipedia's massive size and omnipresence, is a big fat no.

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